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Shoulder Length Hair for 50+ Women

Frances Fisher attended the March 5, 2010 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards and the March 7, 2010 20th Annual Night of 100 Stars Awards Gala inspiring all those around her with her smiling face.

Fisher's strawberry blonde/brown hair was created into a smooth round pattern that is aligned from her side part. There are long thin bangs that were brought over to the side and dipping upon her eyebrow before scaling along the side. The ends of her hair rest upon part of her shoulders in gay lighthearted flips. Her hairstyle can be achieved through a flat iron or a jumbo round curling iron.
Frances can wear shoulder length hair because of her young appearing oval face. She is aged over 50 on this photo. The ideal look would be for her hair to come up a few notches just below her ears as the cut would definitely take at least 10 years off of Frances. Her hair color is fantastic for her eyes.
With a pale winter tone, she wears eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow pencil and a pink tone for her lip color. I can see Ms Fisher with a little bit more color for her skin tone. A light bronze and blush would give a richer presentation. Although the vibrant silky red blouse is quite striking I can envision Frances with a mossy green or a jade that is wrapped up around her neck to bring more color to her face.
Frances Fisher with shoulder length hair and wearing a shiny dress Shoulder length hairstyle for aging faces - Frances Fisher Frances Fisher wearing a silky red loose neck blouse
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