Elle MacPherson Hairstyles

The Australian model and actress Elle MacPherson was born March 29th, 1964 in New South Wales. She became famous for appearing six times on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.
  • Elle MacPherson with long coiled hair
  • Elle MacPherson with short hair
  • Elle MacPherson

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Elle seems to be swimming in the fountain of youth every morning and has hardly changed since her 20s. The poster-girl for long hair and beach living wears her hair playful, fun and free with a simple center part. Long layers get some volume boost through varying intensity of curls and natural waves that she tones up or down, depending on mood, situation and location.
Her natural look is enhanced by a few well placed and balanced highlights and she wears only a minimum of make-up. Elle's beauty secret is minimalism and a healthy lifestyle. It definitely works for her.
Among some of her most attractive looks that she sported over the years were a couple of shorter haircuts with a hint of a shag and lots of texture. Full bangs and darker blonde also look as if they were just invented for Elle.
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