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Hair Tumbling Below the Shoulders

Drew Barrymore attended the Los Angeles premiere of "Going the Distance" on August 23, 2010 and she wore her long blonde hair angled along the sides and in tumbles below her shoulders. Drew's sassy natural darker hair color is exposed as it is sectioned off in the middle.
Today's celebrities find it quite fashionable to wear extensions when needed and there is always the possibility that Drew could don a few for herself.

I can see Drew with a gorgeous bob about midway on her neck and curled under and bangs that touch the top of her eyebrows. Perhaps a little bit more darkened panels in her hair and a dash of cinnamon color. The cinnamon color would bring out the pink in her skin and the blue in her eyes.
Drew's makeup is translucent brushed eyebrows with a few penciled strokes. She is wearing a warm light brown eye shadow on her lower lid and a buffed white under her brows. There is eyeliner and mascara, blush on her cheeks and forehead and a light flesh pink color for her lips.
Side view of Drew Barrymore's long hairstyle Back view of Drew Barrymore's long hairstyle Drew Barrymore's hair color Drew Barrymore wearing one side of her long hair behind her shoulder Drew Barrymore wearing a long and shiny strapless dress
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