Curls and a Nonchalant Flip

Drew Barrymore - Short hairstyle with curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Forget about the straight long hair, Drew Barrymore has gone short with piles of ruffled cotton candy curls that fluff out from her head. She's back to being a fully fledged golden beige blonde and has become a complete glamour puss in the process.
Our sexy girl's haircut has long layers with a stair step side part that brings the heavy top over into a lush round dip over her temple. The other side is brought out from the side of the head and tossed over with a nonchalant flip.
Use your hot rollers rolling into the direction of the hairstyle, brush out vigorously and then, backbrush all over, and smooth the top a little bit. Lift the hair with your hands and fluff, bring out the ends to flip up and spray. Tip: Weight makes your hair hang, when it is cut shorter, you will have more volume and a tighter hairstyle.
Drew Barrymore with golden blonde curled hair
Photo by PR Photos
Drew's makeup goes along with her new short hairstyle. Her brows are thicker, light grey/blue shadow (top and bottom), heavy eyeliner beginning from the inside corner of her eye and painted over her eyes, lashes and mascara, a little blush and a pink lip tone.
Incidentally, her choice of eye shadow was probably selected to go along with the color of her blue dress as also were her luscious earrings.
Drew Barrymore wearing a long light blue dress
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Side view of Drew Barrymore's short hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
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