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Long Straight Hair with Angled Sides

Drew Barrymore is posing for us with her Mona Lisa smile (February 8th 2007). She has this look about her that says "I've got a secret, and I'm not telling anyone," and it is positively priceless. Few celebrities have developed a smile signature look that spells out their identity like Drew. Lauren Bacall had what they called "the look."
We can see Drew's natural hair color of an ash brown/dark blonde nestled alongside her panels of blonde and cinnamon hair. Her coloring is very flattering, especially with her ash shade next to her face as the color definitely brings out the mischievousness in her eyes.
Her long hair is designed from a centered part and brought straight down with angles along the sides. No doubt plenty of gel and smoothing serum was used to construct the uniformity of this hairstyle.
Drew's makeup has evolved, with her thinner eyebrows and a few penciled strokes, light warm shadow, eyeliner, lashes to bat you with, mascara to show them off, slight blush and flesh toned lip tint. She is wearing a most delightful color of olive yellow sequined strapped dress that is completely fetching.
Drew Barrymore - Long hairstyle with angled sides Drew Barrymore - Long center parted hairstyle Back view of Drew Barrymore's long smooth hair
Tip: Wear color when you go out, but wear your best colors that do something for you. Why compromise, when you could look your best? Stay away from orange if it turns you orange, wear pink if it brings out your pinker hues.
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