Denyce Lawton Hairstyles

Denyce Lawton
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Denyce Lawton is an actress and model, born on May 2nd, 1978.
With a Korean mother and an African American father Denyce has inherited thick, black, super curly hair and beautiful features. She often straightens her hair for fashionable sleek and long looks that she wears parted in the center and with just a bit of tapering along the front and some softening texture in the tips.
Less untamed her curls spring up to an explosion of volume and she shapes them to large, sexy waves in long hairstyles that are very feminine and have a high glam factor. Very smooth, sculpted updos bring out her exotic side even more while tight ponytails with all the hair pulled back strictly give her an almost regal air.
Some of the best hairdos for her have some hair along the forehead and long volume since her face is slightly triangular and can handle some opulence along the sides well.
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