Deidre Hall Hairstyles

Deidre Hall Deidre Hall - Past the shoulders hairstyle Deidre Hall - Above the the shoulders hairstyle
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Deidre Hall is an American actress, born on October 31, 1947, in Milwaukee. Deidre is known for her role as Dr. Marlena Evans on the soap opera "Days of Our Lives".
Deirdre has a slender and slightly long face, which makes her the perfect candidate to enjoy bangs in all shapes and forms. Her fringe of choice is often long, extending to about the tip of her nose and pushed to the side. She has also sported an eyebrow-length version, which makes her look very stylish, feisty, and young.
With her face shape, she also does well with building up some volume on the sides, achieved with a bunch of layers and some softening texture in the tips. Her basic layered haircut can easily be styled for many different demands and occasions and is long enough to be worn in a ponytail or as a glamorous updo.
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