Deborah Gibson Hairstyles

Deborah Gibson with her hair rolled up gypsy look for long hair Deborah Gibson with textured long hair Deborah Gibson with pigtails Deborah Gibson
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Deborah Gibson or Debbie Gibson was born August 31st, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York. She is a singer and songwriter and used to be a teen pop icon.
The pretty blonde likes bangs and wears them in all variations. As long as they are at the level of her eyebrows, just barely covering those, full bangs can accentuate her expressive eyes, but they should not be any longer.
The ideal haircuts for Deborah are long and feminine with a soft silhouette and volume on the sides that can be created through layers or soft waves.
At times she ventures unflatteringly to the very girly side with pigtails or overly curly tendrils. Those are cute looks, but the more mature, sexy flowing locks are a much better choice for her.
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