Youthful Pigtails and Bangs

Deborah Gibson wearing her hair in pigtails
Photo by PR Photos
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Are we perhaps a little stuck in the past, Ms. Gibson? Recording artist Deborah Gibson was all diamonds and pearls at a glamour event. And then ... the pigtails. A rather cute look for the right occasion, there is a time and place for everything.
However the youthful style with the textured bangs as well as light and darker blonde nuances frames her face nicely and it is definitely unique.
To copy this casual look (that should never be connected with a sparkling outfit with beads) just part your hair in the middle all the way down to the nape, use outchless hair bands and create some wave action with a curling iron.
Hairstyle with long textured bangs - Deborah Gibson
Photo by PR Photos
Youthful hairstyle with pigtails and bangs - Deborah Gibson
Photo by PR Photos
Deborah Gibson wearing an outfit with beads
Photo by PR Photos
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