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Courteney Cox hairstyles
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Courteney Cox proves that women over fifty don’t have to give up their sense of style as they grow older. Courteney’s bold glasses keep her look fun and playful while the turtleneck declares her elegance and beautiful style. It’s a beautifully executed look for a woman of a certain age.
Courtney’s raven glasses really pair well with her black hair color. Speaking of black hair color, look at that shine in Courteney’s hair! She keeps it looking healthy by doing a keratin treatment every three months. This is also a great tool for older women to have in their arsenal because we can lose luster as we grow older.
Her long hairstyle can be easily replicated by parting the hair down the center and using a heat protectant cream as you blow dry. Courteney focused primarily on the front few pieces and blowing them back as they dried to open her face up a little.
This is a moveable style and doesn’t require any hairspray, but if you must use hairspray be sure to use one that advertises a flexible holding power.
Courteney Cox - Long hairstyle for older women
Photos by PR Photos
Courteney Cox wearing a turtleneck and black glasses
Photo by PR Photos
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