Constance Zimmer's Bob Hairstyle

Constance Zimmer - Modern bob with side swept bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Looking as girly as ever in her flower infused ensemble, the ever so lovely Constance Zimmer seemed to flutter down the red carpet for Disney's World Premiere of "Cinderella" as her multicolored, whimsical dress and matching heels led the way.
Take notice that Constance's darkest brunette hair color is glaringly rich in hue, giving off many undertones and shine, perhaps due to a professional shine treatment.
Constance has had a bob hairstyle a time or two in the past. She grew it out and cut it shorter again, proving she can successfully pull off any length. She has previously sported a full fringe, but here, we see her rocking side swept bangs, giving her a modern hairstyle.
Constance Zimmer wearing a multicolored dress
Photo by PR Photos
If you want to modernize your bob, like Constance has, begin working with freshly cleaned hair. Apply a heat protectant to help shield and guard the hair from the heat given off from the styling tools. Next, begin directional blow drying with an ionic and tourmaline blow dryer.
Use the director on the end of the blow dryer to blow the cuticle straight down. Next, heat up a ceramic flat iron; be sure to use the lowest setting possible so you are careful not to jeopardize the integrity of your hair.
Section and part the hair from bottom to top and begin to flat iron the bottom (work your way up, section by section) until you reach the top sections. Bend the ends of each section, ever so slightly so they aren't pin straight.
Once you reach the top, part the hair off center and then flat iron the bangs section down and over to the side. Sprits with a shine spray, let dry and then hair spray into place and Bam! You have instant glam!
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