Constance Zimmer's Long Brown Hair

Constance Zimmer with long hair and perfectly cut bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Here, we see a longer hairstyle for the brunette Constance Zimmer as she dazzles down the red carpet for the 2nd Annual Red CARpet Event in Beverly Hills, wearing a lovely sky blue dress with white accents.
Her long, dark brown hair is all one exquisite color, making it look rich and healthy. Her bangs are perfectly cut, neither too heavy nor too sparse. It's easy to replicate Constance's modest hairstyle.
To begin, an emollient is applied to her wet hair to protect it from environmental elements used to attain her style, such as the ionic blow dryer and flat iron. Part the hair down the center and blow-dry straight down.
Next, heat up a ceramic flat iron on the lowest setting (adjust as needed). Apply a flat iron protectant from mid-shaft through ends. Then, part the hair from top to bottom and begin flat ironing the bottom sections. After the hair has cooled off a bit, spritz with a shine spray. Do the same with the bangs and finish with a light coat of hairspray.
Constance Zimmer wearing a blue quarter sleeved dress
Photo by PR Photos
Constance Zimmer with long hair that looks rich and healthy
Photo by PR Photos
back view of Constance Zimmer's hair
Photo by PR Photos
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