Constance Zimmer's Short Bob

Constance Zimmer with her hair in a short bob
Photo by PR Photos
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This was clearly a great hair day for Constance Zimmer as she attended the Season 5 Premiere of "Entourage" in fabulous New York City, wearing a monochromatic white ensemble - a white sleeveless blouse with a white skirt.
Her noir heels, bangle, and purse perfectly balance out her snowy outfit. Constance's makeup is fairly light, with neutral colors meant to look as if she isn't wearing any at all.
Her exceptionally tinted medium brown hair color is rich in tone, and she probably (though we cannot confirm) has a glaze treatment added when she colors her hair to give it added shine.
Constance Zimmer - Short bob haircut with long bangs
Photo by PR Photos
While this is a shorter hairstyle and bob for Zimmer, there is just as much to love! Her wispy long bangs end right at her beautiful green eyes, bringing them out while adding a splash of zest. The overall length hits right at her chin.
Constance's haircut is a perfect example of how to strategically use a hairstyle to accentuate desired facial features. Whenever the length of hair ends at a certain spot on the face, it draws attention to that spot.
To replicate Constance's great styling with your hair, begin with clean, dry hair. Section off the bottom from the top and start flat ironing the bottom, working your way up and giving a slight bend under near the ends. Do the same for the bangs and finish with a shine spray.
Constance Zimmer wearing a white sleeveless dress
Photo by PR Photos
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