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Christina Ricci & Salma Hayek

Christina Ricci - 09/05/2008

Christine Ricci - Casual shoulder length hairstyle with side bangs Christina Ricci has shoulder length hair that is worn casual in a textured straight smooth fashion with heavy bangs brought over her temple. A myriad of colors of browns, blondes and hints of cinnamon have been painted into defining lines that give a lot of credence to the warmth in her facial structures. The colors in her hair and the warm tones of her bronzing and coral peach lip tint harmonize together into the genuine appeal we see in her photo.
Just for fun, let's remake Christina just a tad. Because she is showing off her wide forehead, this makes her eyes appear a bit smaller. What I would do is chop up her bangs into irregular party type of jags at least 2.5 cm or 1 inch above her brows. The choppiness would give her a softer more playful appearance. Following through around the hair would be more savvy and recommendable, but for the moment we can stick to the bangs. Her eyes would appear more beautiful and almond shaped as they would be framed with the jags. Some of the bangs would be poufy and sprayed to stay that way, while others would be pieced in various angles along her forehead. What do you say?
Salma Hayek - 09/05/2008

Salma Hayek - Long hair with spiraled ends People like Salma Hayek and me spend most of our time screening body guards to keep annoying fans from invading our personal lives. We just cannot help it if we are beautiful. We were born that way! By the way, this is a half truth and I'll leave it to you to decide which half.
Seriously, I am going to tell you up front Salma wears make up too! Just like the rest of us gals! But, she has this awesome natural beauty that many of us envy (not to mention her waistline). Her hair is so black it is blue and clipped in long layers that have been spiraled on the ends. The epitome of health, I think her hair would glow by the light of the moon. In fact, that sounds like a song I could publish. Salma's organic appearance has coveted olive skin with bits of bronzing upon her face, taupe shadow and light enhanced lip tint. When someone looks this good, all heads turn as they seem to generate a dazzling admiration every time they walk into a room.