How to cut a V-shape

Hair cut into a v-shape
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Q: Hi, I do know a little about cutting hair as I watched my aunt do it for 4 years when I worked at her shop after school. One thing I never noticed was how she cut a V-shape into the back of hair.
I have long hair and layers I cut in myself but it's just straight across and I don't like it. I'd like it in a V-shape. Could you please explain how to do this type of cut. I'm sure I could do it. Thanks!

A: The V-shape you speak of is usually formed during a long layered cut where the head is tilted forward and the hair combed at an angle and cut to create layers which frame the face.
This initial cut is used as a guide for cutting layers into the rest of the hair, but because the hair at the nape of the neck is left longest, and the hair lengths grow slightly shorter as you move toward the front of the face, the V-shape is formed once the hair is again styled normally or combed back to lie over the shoulders.
The head is tilted forward at a 45-angle, and the hair is parted down the middle and combed forward on each side. Hair from the same position on each side is brought together in the center in front of the face and cut to the desired length. Carefully work your way from the top to bottom in making these initial cuts for the guide.
Once the guide cuts have been established, the head can be returned to a vertical/upright position and the hair is then cut into layers working from front to back one each side, elevating the hair to 45-degree elevation and cutting the hair along the established guide.
Cross check the cut by combing the hair and holding it out horizontally. You can also keep the hair balanced by periodically bringing hair from the same positions on the opposite sides of the head together either at the front or back of the head and confirming that the lengths are the same.
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