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Neck Length Curly Hairstyle

Celebrity Chantell D. Christopher is wearing (February 7th, 2007) one of the best, most attractive hairstyles available. It has a well-portioned neck length with textured layers. Dancing curls and waves make this one of the easiest and inviting forms in the fashion world.
Chantell D. Christopher - Neck length curly hairstyle
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The first step is to go to a good professional hairstylist and make sure you have the proper haircut with those shorter layers in there. By all means, take this picture with you!
Next, if you have thick or thin straight hair, have them put a body wave in it. You don't want the body wave to be too light, in fear of having your permanent falling out in a month.
You want your hair so easy to manage, that all you'll have to do with it is to place some gel on it and drive to work in the mornings without another thought and still look chic.
If you have naturally curly hair, all you need is the haircut, as you already have the style. With practice you will even be able to put this style up for the evening in those trendy curls and waves.
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