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Brushed Back Hair Style

East of Havana New York Premiere 02/01/2007. Beautiful Charlize Theron reveals a lovely round head to wear this severely brushed back style and drawn into a large chignon in the back of her neck. With her oval face anything goes.
Are you turning a pea green with envy yet? I am and you should be. Are you perchance thinking of trying this style for yourself? Do you have the youthful face or the cheekbones for this? If you have the smile for it like our gal here, anything goes!
Begin with clean dry hair that has been parted in the center. Brush everything back and loop with a hair band. Assuming you have a lot of hair to make about a three inch coil wrapping around the hair band and securing tightly with hair pins as you go.
The object is to have thick wedged bands encircling next to the bottom of your neck. Design and create, dare to be a walking abstract and have fun as you go
Charlize Theron with her hair brushed back Charlize Theron wearing her blouse collar up Charlize Theron - Professional hairstyle for the office Charlize Theron wearing a black blouse and satiny business suit jacket
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