Catherine Bell Hairstyles

Catherine Bell with medium length hair Catherine Bell with very long hair Catherine Bell with a bob Catherine Bell with shimmery hair Catherine Bell her hair styled up Catherine Bell wearing a long wavy bob Catherine Bell's above the collar bob Catherine Bell's pixie
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Actress Catherine Bell was born on August 14th, 1968 in London, United Kingdom. She played the role of Lt Colonel Sarah McKenzie in the television show JAG.
Catherine has one of the most catching smiles on television and also strong, pretty hair that she wears in its natural dark coffee color, which really is the best match for her warm brown eyes. She has well developed cheekbones, big eyes, expressive lips and a small, delicate chin.
Styles that create volume in the lower part of her face are good choices for Catherine, like structured bobs or layered looks of medium length. She has to avoid too much volume on the crown and strong bangs.
A few fringes on her forehead are charming, but she should always leave her eyebrows uncovered to keep the balance.
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