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Long Hairstyle with Hairband

Brie Larson with long honey blonde layers of hair gives us a glimpse of her natural color on the top of a darker blonde that is set in place with a blue hairband at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Remember the Daze" in April 8, 2008.
Brie Larson wearing her hair long and styled with a hairband
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Her makeup is kept natural with her thin eyebrows, a touch of blush, eyeliner and mascara. Her lips are given a natural gloss to complete her earth child appeal. Brie's simple beige color blends right in with her skin and hair colors.
Brie Larson wearing a hairband Brie Larson - Long layered hair Brie Larson - Long hairstyle with a hairband Brie Larson fashion - Short skirt and a tank top
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