Brie Larson Hairstyles

Brie Larson Brie Larson looking natural
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Brie Larson is an American actress and singer, born October 1st, 1989.
Brie has outgrown her adorable pigtails and now blesses the world with her California beach blonde looks that are always full of waves, movement, shine and a whole lot of fun. Brie is a casual girl and loves her washed out jeans and t-shirts, but also makes a grand entrance in a gown with the matching fancy up-do.
Her long blond locks are layered for extra impact and have a natural wave which boosts the volume as well and just adds a lot of fun styling options that include very romantic and girly looks, but also more mature and formal hairdos. Her hair color is a medium blonde that has sunny highlights spread throughout for a true beachy peachy look.
Brie has a strong forehead and hairstyles that have a little bit of fringe or free playing strands in that area are great for her.
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