Hairstyle with Transparent Bangs

Bree Turner - Long hairstyle with transparent bangs
Photo by PR Photos
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Bree Turner's long hairstyle has changed to a form that is a little bit shorter and lighter.
Her transparent peek-a-boo bangs are especially shorter and although she is already young, she looks much more youthful. Everything about Bree has been lightened up: her hair layers and the hair color.
She is wearing less makeup with a lighter foundation and less bronze/blush. There is still the eyeliner, mascara and neutral lip color. Being dressed up in a high collar black silk blouse, the icing on the cake is her fur coat, as it is quite stunning and goes very well with her hairstyle and blouse.
Tip: When it comes to a new hairstyle, less can be more for you. A light airy hairstyle will lift up your whole countenance and you will look and feel refreshed, as well as younger.
Bree Turner wearing a high collar silk blouse and boots
Photo by PR Photos
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