Around Shoulder Length Hair

Bree Turner wearing her hair around shoulder length
Photo by PR Photos
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Bree Turner's hair has been lightened a few levels from her natural brown color and foiled in slices with blonde and caramel. The funky long layers are smoothed to insure closeness around her face and the gentle persuasion around her shoulders.
We can tell there is a zigzag part with the front hair that has been styled over to the other side and the hair behind goes into the opposite direction. The large gold circles made up to be a necklace stands out among itself resting upon her dark T-shirt and matching the color of her hair.
Bree's makeup is worn with a simple touch of lightness, thin light brows, a light warm shadow, eyeliner, mascara, bronze/blush and lip liner and a neutral pink lip color.
Bree Turner - Hairstyle with the hair close around the face
Photo by PR Photos
Bree Turner's stylish casual look with jeans and t-shirt
Photo by PR Photos
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