Flamenco Dancer Up-Style

April Clark with her hair styled up for a Flamenco dancer look
Photo by PR Photos
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I'd like to say this is just another dark haired celebrity but April Clark has that golden glow about her that lends mystery to her eyes.
She is wearing her black hair parted in an off center part and guessing it could be up in a chignon, bun or even a twist in the back giving the appearance of a Spanish dancer doing the Flamenco.
If this severe look appeals to you; it could be easy for you to try for yourself. Beginning with clean dry hair, make a part in your off center. Brush your hair tightly back and gather it into the center of the back where it most appeals to you.
April Clark wearing her hair up in a Flamenco style
Photo by PR Photos
When properly styled, nestled along the bottom of the neck can be quite an elegant look, so we are going to go there and make a figure eight. Having your hair into the hair band; take a portion of the lower right hair and bring it over the hair band all the while twisting it about three times. Lay this hair upon the upper left area circling around to the bottom.
Now take the lower left portion of the hair and do the same thing, only on the right area of the head. Fasten with hair pins. Take the left upper portion and go below repetitively around to meet the other hair. Continue this procedure with the rest of the hair until you see the design of a figure eight.
Try to remember, the hair below goes up and across. The hair above goes down and across. Have fun and try it.
April Clark - Dress and hairstyle for a Flamenco dancer look
Photo by PR Photos
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