April Scott's Hair

April Scott - Hairstyle to wear with an evening gown
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Celebrity April Scott was once named in People magazine as one of 100 of the most beautiful people. What a cross for April to bear! But, someone has to do it.
She is wearing her dark brunette hair in long layers, with the top area pulled back and placed in a ponytail. This is a most unusual hairstyle to wear with an evening gown. Her lavender gown looks like a shiny silk and custom made for her.
Just for fun, let's do a little visualization: I see April's hair brushed up in the back of her crown, only set in an off crown area instead. Take the hair and place it up into a ornamental clasp. Now, twist different sections of what is left from the clasp and pin them under.
Leave enough to fan out and spray with a good stiff spray. The top should be puffed up with back brushing a little bit. Brush it back with the exception of tweaking a few thin sections to lay lightly upon her forehead. Place smoky topaz earrings and matching necklace and she is set to rock and roll!
April Scott - Hair with the top area pulled back in ponytail
Photos by PR Photos
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