April Clark Hairstyles

April Clark is an American actress, health, and fitness consultant, and instructor.
April Clark
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April has strong natural curls that demand to be managed. There are many options to control the frizz and maximize their potential.
Straightening techniques are one option, but they can be harsh on the hair and cause a lot of stress, leading to damage. Chemical treatments and hot irons also consume a considerable amount of time, and with her busy lifestyle, time is essential.
April has an adorable face with a slightly prominent forehead. For this reason, hairstyles that partially cover her forehead are an ideal choice for April.
She looks amazing with a voluminous look created by twirling her hair into long, pencil-thick corkscrew curls, which make a great frame for her face and balance the forehead with some casual single curls. A large, curled 'Superwoman' haircut is also very flattering and glamorous on her.
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