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Blouse, Tie & Youthful Ponytail

Everyone's darling Anne Hathaway attended the Kid's Choice Awards on April 3rd, 2004 clad in a girlish white blouse with a rather masculine loosely bound tie.

Fitting the occasion her hair was pulled into a youthful ponytail and just a large strand was left unattached so that it could frame one side of her face, starting from a high point on the forehead. The hair was not smooth but left in a natural and playful roughness.
The auburn color of her hair has some honey accents and works well with her deep brown eyes that are enhanced with a hint of blue eye-shadow.
Anne Hathaway wearing her hair pulled back Anne Hathaway wearing her hair in a youthful ponytail Anne Hathaway wearing a blouse and necktie Anne Hathaway hairstyle Anne Hathaway wearing a white blouse and jeans
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