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Curly Red Hair

The photographers captured a surprised Anna Nalick at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards on February 13, 2011. Her attractive coppery red hair was cut short in layers and styled in small curls with one side behind her ear.
Anna Nalick with short and curly red hair
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Suggestion: Even before you change your hair color start to think about the different colors that will look best on you. Chances are that if they looked good with your natural hair color, they will enhance your eyes with one of the drama colors such as Anna's.
Her bangs were smoothed down and over covering part of her eye and there was one slip of a curl flipped toward her face on the side. Her back ground color is most becoming for Anna's coppery hair color.
Anna Nalick's curly red hair side view of Anna Nalick's short haircut Anna Nalick wearing a sheer dress
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