Anna Nalick Hairstyles

Anna Nalick is an American singer and songwriter, born March 30th, 1984.
Anna Nalick Anna Nalick with red hair
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The sultry brunette likes her hair sassy and sexy and has been playing with different lengths and textures.
Her over the shoulder haircuts are usually well layered and textured for some airy volume and soft, yet distinct edges. She often wears her fringe draped diagonally across her face which is a very flattering look for her. It brings attention to her eyes, without covering them up.
The long and sleek hairstyles are a nice choice too, but do not reflect her personality as well as the looks that have a lot of movement and volume.
Her dark brown hair reaches high radiance with a few subtle highlights but she even stepped it all up by wearing a smoldering red hair color that is somewhere between cherry-wood and dark copper. The passionate color is a total success, especially with the large and defined curls, the medium length and extravagant fringe.
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