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Long Blonde Hair and Bangs

Only a year later (August 20th, 2008) and Anna Faris has changed her looks again with an increase in length of her platinum blonde hair and with sides that are edged in angles and attractive peek-a-boo bangs that rest just on the brows.

The bangs were a great idea for her, as it gives a more youthful appearance and lightens up her expression. Think about getting some bangs cut in your hairstyle as they will lift up your whole face.
Anna's eyes look a little bit more turquoise than the other pictures. She could be wearing contact lenses. Her one turquoise earring that is exposed could be the reason her eyes look so blue. She is wearing plenty of blush, shadows, lashes, mascara, eyeliner and flesh pink lip color.
Anna Faris - Youthful long hairstyle with long bangs Anna Faris - Straight long hairstyle with a lot of movement Anna Faris wearing long earrings that match the color of her eyes Anna Faris combing her long hair with her fingers Anna Faris - Long white dress and middle of the back hair
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