Anita Seelig's Hair

Anita Seelig wearing her long hair half up and half down
Photo by PR Photos
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Anita Seelig is wearing her long layered hair half up and half down, with curls and swirls for that I just got out of the bed look and I still have waves of curls and dips.
Meg Ryan has her individual look and now you see Anita's. Her hair color is a pale beige and is highly processed to achieve the color you are seeing. This is a high maintenance hairstyle and every time it is washed there has to be mega conditioners applied, with a lot of styling products for the hot rollers or the curling iron.
This means, that if, you wash your hair everyday, and the majority of people do, this will require about two hours of your time, before you are ready to leave the house. It's a lovely hairstyle, but think twice before you decide to go this route.
Anita Seelig with long layered hair and curls
Photo by PR Photos
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