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Amy Sedaris & Natascha McElhone

Rescue Me Season 4 Premier - 06/04/2007
Amy Sedaris - Medium length hairstyle with layers
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       Amy Sedaris is wearing an irregular centered part accommodating the slight rise that is seen on each side of her face. This medium length style has been fashioned into long layers and this seems to be the hairstyles of hairstyles; as so many artists are wearing this look. Her hair is a variety of different blondes and browns, although; some of the blonde is almost white; it looks very charming on our celebrity. And, charming she is; as she poses for the photographer revealing just how smart and cute a real star can be. Not only is she an actress, but she plays comedy too. Take notice with this lady, she is going to go far.
Ocean's 13 Movie Premiere - 06/05/2007
Natascha McElhone wearing her hair long with layers Hair with foiling for variations of blondes and browns - Natascha McElhone
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       Natascha McElhone's latest work is called "The Company." She has a long list of achievements in the movie industry. She is wearing her hair in the most fashionable look of long layers along with the center part. Her hair falls along ways down her backside and has variations of blondes and browns running throughout her hair, always to give the impression of naturalism. She is wearing a lovely brown leather coat telling me, she likes the warm tones. You will need a lot of gloss and smoothing serum to catch this look and be ready for regular foiling to keep the tri-tones that are her hair. Oh those eyes!