Long Hair with Spiraled Curls

Amy Ryan wearing her hair long with loose spiraled curls
Photo by PR Photos
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Amy Ryan at the 25th Film Independent Spirit Awards wore her hair in long, loose spiraled curls, creating a gathering of fluff around her shoulders. Casual waves on both sides connect with the rest of her hair, reflecting highlights throughout.
With Amy's redhead complexion, her face blushes and reddens easily. She keeps her eyebrows in a thick, natural mode, along with eyeliner, concealer, warm brown shadow, blush, and a coral red lip tone. Her greenish dress helps neutralize all the reddish warmth her hair and skin project.
Amy Ryan wearing her hair long and loose
Photo by PR Photos
When you discover that you have a good amount of redness in your skin along with generous amounts of red in your hair, one way to help neutralize the red is to wear green.
Green will help stabilize your total look. There is foundational makeup that has tinges of green coloring just for this purpose, and it won't turn your skin green, but it will help balance your makeup.
Amy Ryan wearing a shimmery green above the knees dress
Photo by PR Photos
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