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Fake Angled Bob

Amanda Seyfried wore a most unusual hairstyle at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Red Riding Hood" on March 11, 2011.
With the exception of the two chunky tendrils along her sides the rest was tucked under to give the appearance of a shorter haircut. It looks like an angled bob when it is all brought back into a knot along the nape with a small sash that hung upon her back.

Amanda's hairstyle is the creation of a vivid imagination that you can do for yourself. The secret is to begin anywhere; just by taking small sections of your hair by starting to pin up over other sections. Allow some to flip out over the wraps and others to be tacked over with braids or clip on hair colors for something different and sassy. Use your spiral curler and maybe crimp a few areas. Your creation can only be limited by your imagination.
Today we are seeing thicker eyebrows and wide bulky jewelry. The thicker eyebrows when blended in short penciled wisps give a softer more feminine appearance and magnify the eyes. The bulky jewelry gives color and will also make a larger women appear smaller, however large jewelry can overwhelm a petite girl. Amanda has an oval face that is made up with thick eyebrows, light eye shadow, eyeliner, lashes, mascara, blush and a frosty lip tone.
Amanda Seyfried wearing a purple dress Amanda Seyfried - Updo to give the appearance of a shorter haircut Amanda Seyfried faking shorter hair
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