Amanda Seyfried with Braided Hair

Amanda Seyfried with braided hair
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Amanda Seyfried wore a gorgeous multi-blue flowered dress with her long sandy blonde hair pulled over one shoulder in a deliciously loose, fat braid at the premiere of "Letters to Juliet" in Los Angeles.
The braid side of her hair captured a wave that settled around her cheekbone, leading to a poufy bulk before the braid began. All in all, we can tell she looked ravishing.
Her makeup was designed with darkened eyebrows. There were smoky shadows and eyeliner completely around her eyes with lashes and mascara. Our fair-skinned lass left her blush at home and went with a light matte rose lip color.
As beautiful as Amanda was, I can picture her looking even more stunning with a jeweled necklace and earrings of sapphires or, perhaps, accessorized with silver.
Amanda Seyfried wearing her hair in a braid
Photos by PR Photos
Amanda Seyfried with her hair styled into a fat braid
Photo by PR Photos
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