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Allison Janney's Long Hair

At the CBS, Showtime, CW 2013 TCA Summer Stars Party, Allison Janney showed up looking very posh and professional. Her tailored white blazer and thick framed glasses made her look very put together. The outfit contrasted her soft and sexy hairstyle.
Long silky strands fell well past her shoulders and a deep side part exemplified the soft cascade. The top of her hair is a light, ashy brown shade that is richened up by a deeper chocolate brown underneath. The hair colors complement each other well and the darker color helps warm up Allison's skin tone.
The haircut doesn't have many layers cut in. The overall feel of the cut is long and straight. Some texture is added to the ends of the hair for softness.
Allison Janney's professional look with silk blouse, blazer and long hair Allison Janney - Long hairstyle for women aged over 50 Allison Janney's long hair combined with glasses
This longer hairstyle is a nice choice for ladies who like a lot of versatility. Hair can be worn straight or curly, up or down. We think this long hair and smooth blown out style help add some sex appeal to this mature outfit. Allison is about fifty years old in this shot and she looks sensational. Her shining personality really brings her beauty through and we love that about Allison. Work it girl!
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Photos: S. Bukley + Jaguar PS + Featureflash / Shutterstock