Aly Michalka's Chignon

Aly Michalka wearing her hair up in a chignon
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Aly Michalka attended the premiere of 'Easy A' in Los Angeles. Her long blonde hair was wrapped up into a chignon along the nape of her neck, with the rest of her hair brought back in defined sections.
Today's hairstyles aren't concerned with smoothness or perfect structures, so don't be afraid to experiment by putting your hair up and even sticking a couple of chopsticks in the crown, allowing a few strands to fan out for some funky fun.
Side view of Aly Michalka's chignon upstyle
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Aly uses generous amounts of bronzer that help bring out the warm hues we can see in the photograph. Her makeup leans towards the glamorous styles of the fifties/sixties, with defined eyebrows and long, thick lashes.
There is eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow applied, along with concealer and light shadow to widen up the area between her eyes. Her lips have a flesh-colored tint with a hint of pink.
Aly Michalka wearing a black dress with an open back
Photo by PR Photos
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