Allison Janney Hairstyles

Allison Janney with her hair in a shag Allison Janney wearing her hair in a bob Allison Janney with a long bob haircut Allison Janney with long hair and glasses
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Allison Janney has been a film and television actress for years and is probably most well known for her role on the West Wing series. She was born on November 9, 1959, and she looks absolutely fabulous!
She has great hair and looks best with medium to shorter length hairstyles. She loves to experiment and try different shapes with her hair but mostly sticks to straighter and smoother textured styles.
Light brown hair with warm gold tones suits the actress well as it complements her skin tone and helps her blue eyes pop. Allison sometimes strays into dark blonde territory but mostly stays in the brunette spectrum.
Allison has fine hair strands but a good amount of it, and she knows how to work her haircuts. She uses layering and texture to make her hair look as thick and full as possible. Allison enjoys laid-back hairstyles that are easy for the everyday woman to wear.
The hairstyles she wears usually have a touch of whimsy and sex appeal that keep her looking young and fresh. She normally doesn't opt for tons of products or pins but keeps it simple and chic.
Soft, touchable hair is definitely her signature, and her healthy strands always seem to radiate a beautiful glow. Allison is a great inspiration for women in their late forties and early fifties who need some style direction with their hair. Take a page out of her book and add some sophistication to your hairstyle.
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