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Glamour Hairstyle with Curls

Alex Kingston, the British actress who portrays surgeon Dr. Corday on the US hit show "ER", is mostly seen in her scrubs and makes a stunning appearance on January 10th, 1999. She is dressed in a cigar colored low cut dress that competes with the sparkle in her vintage inspired hair.
Alex Kingston - Glamour evening hairstyle with curls
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The hairstyle is all "old Hollywood" and inspired by screen goddesses like Rita Hayworth and Lauren Bacall. The long hair has a low side part and is slightly tapered in front beginning underneath the chin to form a smooth, curvy contour.
To create this evening look full of feminine glamour the hair was blow dried over a large round brush and lifted at the roots. Then it was given the heat treatment with a large curling iron. On the right side the direction of the curls is outward and on the left side they follow the same direction and are turned inward. This creates a silhouette full of motion and visual teases.
Low cut dress - Alex Kingston
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