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Alex Kapp Horner & Romi Dames

Alex Kapp Horner - 2008/11/10
Alex Kapp Horner with long silky blonde hair
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A beautiful smile goes along way when you are in the public eye. All of a sudden people do not notice your hair or your figure, but they see the sparkle inside that radiates with sparkle outward. Alex Kapp Horner is one such gal; her whole smile goes up to her eyes and enriches her long silky blonde hair and her tanned skin. She could be wearing an old sack dress and she would look great because of her smile.
Alex's hair color is darker on the ends and darker yet under her hair, all in the name of genuine contrast! She is also wearing her hair in a capricious central divide and a long flowing cut with slight angles developed around her neckline. This fashion can be obtained with a flat iron or a large jumbo iron. Use plenty of gloss for shine.
Romi Dames - 2008/11/11
Romi Dames - Long and dark glossy hair
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Romi Dames has dark glossy hair that has been snipped in layers with special awareness to the slanty angles along the sides. Straight as a whip from an off predictable part her bangs lie across one of her brows. The use of a large round brush will assist with blowing this hairstyle into form. For a straighter appearance you can use either a flat iron or a large jumbo curling iron in conjunction with thermo styling spray. Glide the iron all the way down as you take small sections of your hair. If you desire a small amount of curl on the ends, then tilt the iron either up or down on the ends.
For a more sophisticated and formal look I would have styled Romi's long hair in an upswing with curls hanging down her back and tendrils along the sides or perhaps along the nape of her neckline with rounded curls nestled together and a woven gold and turquoise thread running through out them for decoration.