Amy Poehler Hairstyles

The always-funny improvisational actress Amy Poehler is probably best known for her stints on Saturday Night Live and in the Upright Citizen's Brigade. The sunshine blonde with the devilish grin always looks great - keeping her hair in balance with the rest of her proportions.
Amy Poehler photo curly bob cut to neck length
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Amy has fine hair in the platinum to golden beach blonde range of colors. She often increases the volume by adding a fun curl to her hair, or various stages of waves.
A medium length works best with her features and type, but even shoulder long hair can be quite sassy on her, especially when it is slightly layered and has good texture throughout. Amy is mostly seen with her hair parted on the side and a long fringe draped across her forehead in a casual and diagonal way.
All of Amy's hairstyles are fun and chic, but never extravagant or complicated. If Amy's haircuts are a reflection of her personality then she really is a fun, effervescent woman with a positive and easygoing approach to life and its challenges.
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