Alicia Witt Hairstyles

American actress Alicia Witt was born on August 21st, 1975 in Massachusetts. Many know her because of her roles as Hope in Ally McBeal, Amy Safir in The Sopranos and Nola Falacci in Law & Order.
Alicia Witt with long hair semi-short shag Alicia Witt with red curls easy to style yourself hairstyle Alicia Witt
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As a natural redhead with delicate skin and features, Alicia gets attention easily, but of course the right style helps with that. She looks best in medium to long cuts that have a little volume on the sides and preferably feature bangs.
With straight, fringeless lengths her face appears too long and she needs to counterbalance that. Thick curls, feathered sides or medium long layers that are scrunched and slightly disheveled play into the attractive side that she often likes to bring out with her choices of exquisite and special outfits.
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