Alicia Witt's Layered Hair

Alicia Witt's red hair with bangs and a purple dress
Photo by PR Photos
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Alicia Witt's red hair harmonizes well with her bright purple ruffled dress and contributes a splash of cheer to the season.
Her hair is worn in pithy layers and light fluffy bangs that dip below her brows. Easy to style for yourself! Use your blow dryer with your round or flat brush, beginning underneath the hair. Work your way up, pulling the sections all the way out to the ends.
When you are finished and your hair is dry, spritz some gloss for sheen and tumble up with your hands. The idea is to look smooth, but still with a bit of muss involved, or you can put your head upside down and shake!
Tip: Our dress and hairstyle also displays the nitty gritty of our personalities as well.
Alicia Witt with long layered hair
Photo by PR Photos
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