Adrienne Frantz Hairstyles

Adrienne Frantz is an American actress, born June 7th, 1978. You might remember her as Tiffany Thorne on Sunset Beach and Amber on The Bold and the Beautiful.
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Adrienne has a rounded face shape with glamorous cheekbones. For her face shape it is ideal that she likes to wear her hair long without too much volume around the face.
She makes sure that she keeps it interesting by changing the color every now and then and by using a wide range of stylings.
Her long blonde tresses are just a bit tapered along the frontal sides which keeps the hair flowing in a silky and sleek fashion, undisrupted by layers. Bangs, short or long, suit her well and she knows how to bring out the best of her potential by wearing them often in a dynamic, diagonal way.
From sassy waves to romantic curls, classic updos and modern boho looks - Adrienne makes the most of her long hair.
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