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Half Ponytail

Blonde and pink go together like strawberries and cream. On October 16th, 2007, Emmy Winner Adrienne Frantz strutted her stuff at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles. She is wearing a sleek pink satin dress with a large bow. A topic that repeats in her hair, which excels with its satiny shine and a sleek, straight styling.

The long tresses are put together in a half ponytail. Just the sides and the upper part of the back hair are clasped together after they were combed backwards from around the head in a straight manner. The crown section was teased to create height and volume. The bangs are simply combed diagonally to one side. A youthful and elegant look with a hint of the 60s.
Adrienne Frantz wearing the crown of her hair styled with height Back view of Adrienne Frantz half ponytail hairstyle Adrienne Frantz - Hairstyle with a sleek shiny ponytail Adrienne Frantz wearing a pink satin dress
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