Half Ponytail

Adrienne Frantz wearing her hair in a half ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
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Blonde and pink go together like strawberries and cream. Emmy Winner Adrienne Frantz strutted her stuff at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Los Angeles.
She is wearing a sleek pink satin dress with a large bow. A topic that repeats in her hair, which excels with its satiny shine and a sleek, straight styling.
The long tresses are put together in a half ponytail. Just the sides and the upper part of the back hair are clasped together after they were combed backwards from around the head in a straight manner. The crown section was teased to create height and volume. The bangs are simply combed diagonally to one side.
A youthful and elegant look with a hint of the 60s.
Adrienne Frantz wearing the crown of her hair styled with height
Photo by PR Photos
Adrienne Frantz - Hairstyle with a sleek shiny ponytail
Photo by PR Photos
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