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Adam Lambert is a renowned singer, songwriter, and actor, who rose to fame after appearing on the eighth season of American Idol. Throughout the years, he has become renowned for his strong vocals, extravagant stage presence, and distinctive sense of style. One of the most noticeable aspects of Adam Lambert's style is his constantly changing hairstyles.
Adam Lambert
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Adam has undergone quite a transformation over the past few years, and so have his hairstyles. With his oval face, he can rock any haircut and look amazing no matter what. His signature glam style has almost instantly turned him into a new fashion icon, with many fans out there copying his short and edgy haircuts. Some of the most memorable hairstyles that Adam Lambert has had throughout his career are:
Classic Look
When Adam Lambert first stepped onto the American Idol stage in 2009, he had a classic look with short, dark hair. This was different from his usual hairstyle, which had longer hair and more dramatic styling. With this simple yet refined look, Adam somehow demonstrated that he was an artist with an ageless sense of style.
As the American Idol competition progressed, Adam started to try out different hairstyles. One of his most iconic looks from this time was the fauxhawk, a hairstyle that involved almost shaving the sides of his head and styling the remaining hair into a dramatic, spiky crest. This look was daring and rebellious, perfectly reflecting Adam's rockstar persona.
Purple Streak
Adam Lambert popularized the use of bright, bold colors to highlight hair during his time on American Idol. One of his most memorable looks was the purple streak, giving him an almost otherworldly appearance. This look was a perfect example of how Adam was always willing to take risks with his hair and fashion choices.
After American Idol, Adam Lambert started going on tour and performing as a solo artist. During this period, he kept trying out different hairstyles, and one of his boldest looks was the Mohawk. This hairstyle involved shaving the sides of his head and leaving a strip of hair down the center, which he styled into a dramatic peak. This look was even more dramatic than his fauxhawk, and it showed, again, that Adam was not afraid to take risks and experiment with new styles.
Blue Streak
In 2012, Adam Lambert released his second album, "Trespassing," and with it came a new hairstyle. This time, he added a bright blue streak to his hair, which was a change from his usual dark hair color. This look was more subtle than some of his prior hairstyles, but it still demonstrated that Adam was willing to try something new and have fun with his hair.
In 2013, Adam Lambert debuted one of his most sophisticated hairstyles - a classic pompadour. This hairstyle involved styling his hair into a high, rounded shape at the front of his head, giving him a refined and polished look. This was a change from some of his more daring and bold hairstyles, and it showed that Adam was able to be both glamorous and sophisticated.
Blonde Streaks
In 2015, Adam Lambert once again dyed his hair, this time with blonde streaks. This look was different from his usual dark hair color, and it gave him a more beachy, relaxed look. This was a more subtle departure from his usual style, but it still demonstrated that Adam was willing to take chances and experiment with his hair.
Reddish Pink
One of Adam Lambert's most daring hairstyles came in 2018, when he dyed his hair a vivid shade of reddish pink. It demonstrated once more that Adam was not scared to make a daring statement with his look.
Adam has continually pushed the limits of fashion and self-expression with his hair. Whether he's rocking a spiky, rocker style or a smooth, polished look, Adam Lambert's hairstyles have always been a key part of his iconic appearance. With his continued success in the music industry, we can only wait and see what new hairstyles Adam Lambert will bring in the future.
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