Adam Lambert's Spiked Hairstyle

Adam Lambert's haircut
Photo by PR Photos
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Heads turned and whispers were heard when Adam Lambert walked into the "This is it" Premiere in Hollywood. People are mesmerized when they look at his blue coal dark spiked hair that matches his penetrating deep blue eyes.
Adam has an exciting hairstyle, especially when professionals examine what went on in the haircut. One of the first things they see is the uniformity of the cut, how it all meshes together and the next thing; they note is how the abstract choppiness comes together like a symphony of Bach.
Do not try to copy this haircut yourself, no matter how talented you are, leave it to the pros. First of all, his haircut is a customized coif, just for him. If you have a round face, chances are you will not look like Adam. Go to your professional and bring this picture of Adam and they will be able to modify it especially for you.
Adam lambert hairstyle
Photo by PR Photos
Adam Lambert with black hair
Photo by PR Photos
About color, Adam looks good in black because we are used to seeing him in black and he no doubt has naturally dark hair. If you tint your hair black, your light brown hair will look like blonde when it begins to grow out. Do you have time for this? You can have his haircut without dying your hair black. Lots of spiky gel can do marvelous tricks if you are up for the sense of adventure.
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