Razor-Cut Hair & Wide Fringe Area

This stunning raven-haired beauty flaunts long razor-cut hair, accentuated by an angled, extra-wide fringe area. It is evident that her hair has been blow-dryer styled to create fullness and a gentle curve, resulting in a sleek yet soft hairstyle.

Her makeup is very subtle, with dusty rose eye color, a pale pink blush, and a soft pink lip color. The aim is to enhance her flawless skin without drawing attention away from it.
She is dressed in a monochromatic ensemble consisting of a black blouse/shirt, a dark gray roll-collared waistcoat with accent stitching and lining, and a single-breasted coat in a two-tone gray fabric with plain curved lapels. The overall look exudes professionalism and chic style.
Zanella - New York Fall 2003 Collection
Photo Credit: FashionStock.com
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