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Long Blunt-Cut Hairstyle

Another outdoorsy autumn look is what this model offers with her long blunt-cut hair and deep brow-length bangs - also blunt cut. Her long tresses are scrunched to take advantage of the natural wave and to add a hint of definition and movement.

Her make-up is natural except for the splash of orange at the eyes to intensify the blue found there. Very soft pink blush and lip color help to maintain the smooth look of her skin.
She is wearing a simple tan turtleneck beneath a smartly-structured black poplin jacket with fabric-covered buttons and a wide stand-up collar. The jacket features insets of patterned fabric at the sides under the arms, which is reflected in stripes of fabric on the jacket buttons. The look is one suited to long walks, spent enjoying the blazing colors of fall.
Hong Kong Trade - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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