Silky Hair

This auburn-haired young lady showcases smooth and silky long hair in a simple blunt cut. Her angled bangs are carefully designed to soften her square face and conceal a high forehead. The hair has been blow-dried and finger-styled to maintain a touch of definition and allow the soft auburn color to stand out.

Her makeup is applied using entirely neutral shades, resulting in a healthy and natural glow. The smoky brown eye color beautifully enhances her soft brown eyes, while the soft pink shades of the cheek and lip color give her a fresh and clean look.
The black and white ensemble she wears features a collared blouse with a subtle horizontal textured fabric, paired with white trousers. Her double-breasted coat stands out with its oversized lapels and an exaggerated black-on-white weave pattern in the fabric, adorned with pearl-grey suit buttons. Despite being a coat and trouser ensemble, the overall look exudes an extremely casual vibe.
Zanella - New York Fall 2003 Collection
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