Square Face Ringlets Hairstyle

This brunette beauty flaunts long layered hair styled into windblown ringlets, elegantly framing her square face. The off-set parting and blunted bangs also feature coils to further enhance the tousled and natural look.

Her makeup is carefully designed to highlight her smooth milky complexion. The soft orange eyeshadow around her eyes beautifully complements the blue in them, creating a captivating contrast. A touch of soft pink blush on her cheeks and a matte-finished lip color add a hint of Jack Frost to her overall complexion.
The combination of a chocolate brown turtleneck and a smart black jacket with a top accent button, wide collar, and ribbon detailing creates a marvelous look. It's perfect for strolling around campus, whether with a beau or while in search of one.
Hong Kong Trade - New York Fall 2003 Collection
Photo Credit: FashionStock.com
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